20 vs 20: Iron Precipice Blitz

The wolves are coming! The Ausgyth Empire is under attack! The Northern Wolves are descending from their woodlands and heading south. Every able-bodied man, woman, and child who values their homeland is urged to seek glory in this most noble of battles. Iron Precipice Blitz rewards participants with sacks of Army Coins and as many War Medallions as they can carry!


Enter the Iron Precipice Blitz Staging Ground by first locating the Crossed Swords icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. This brings up the PvP menu. Choose the Battlefield tab and apply for solo or group entry.


Iron Precipice Blitz has five resource points scattered throughout the map. Occupy these nodes for as long as possible, earning points for your team in the process. Each resource point has an accompanying buff-point that grants a random attribute boost. In a protracted battle, these buffs are significant enough to tilt the scale towards victory or defeat. The first team to earn 1,000 Resource Points wins the battle!


Individuals interested in putting their swords forward can enter any Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Battles begin at 20:00, server time, on each of those days. The Battlefield goes silent at midnight, so make the most of it while you can!

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