Spectral Overlord

As a renowned adventurer, you are likely familiar with many dangers that can be found across the realm of Nuanor – vicious wildlife, warring tribes, demon invasions, and cut-throats waiting around every corner – yet even they have something to fear.
Introducing the Spectral Overlord, one of many world bosses who are itching for an opportunity to wreak havoc across the land in the name of whatever evil force they worship (assuming they worship anything other than themselves).


As expected, taking on such a creature is a fame-worthy feat, though not everyone succeeds. Those who do, however, can be certain that a mighty reward awaits them for their troubles, such as Slayer Value Reset Books, Soul and Class Crystals, PvE and PvP marks, guild materials and human scrolls – worthwhile treasures for any adventurer brave enough to face-down a Demon King.
Spectral Overlord spawns every day at 19:00 server time, so if you fancy taking a hack, slash and stab at this dire monstrosity, you can access it by visiting the Event Window (“CTRL+O” or “O” shortcut). Bear in mind that as a member of the “Demon Kings” – a faction containing two other monsters of equal danger – the Spectral Overlord is but one of many hellish threats that await you, none of which are merciful in any way.


Failure is not an option, so leave diplomacy at home and bring only your finest weapons. The Spectral Overlord can casually wash away unprepared adventurers with its spectral abilities; crushing water-based attacks and soul-chilling ice magic that blankets the battlefield with danger, so underestimate it at your own peril.


Now that you know what awaits you, we wish you well on your demon slaying task and pray you take down the Spectral Overlord for the good of all Nuanor. Fight well, hero!

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