Slayer Vestas

Ever noticed how some of the most powerful heroes across the universe originally began their journey after being asked to slay pesky critters, such as rats, during their days as a novice?


How many times have you been asked to perform such deeds during your travels across the world(s) out there? Well fear not, hero, for while we do have another critter-slaying task in mind, this critter in particular is… not quite as paltry compared to those you have faced during previous menial tasks.
Introducing Slayer Vestas – the last of the three previously mentioned “Demon Kings” – and while the others represented the elements or, in the case of Hogwash, a giant brew-swilling pig, Slayer Vestas is arguably the largest rat in Nuanor, who wields an equally large weapon that can slice a regiment of heroes down in one sweep.


Spawning every day at 22:00 server time, Slayer Vestas is one of few who deal raw Max HP damage in sweeping 30-meter wide AoE arcs, so while we often tell adventurers to polish their armor and be ready for a brutal battle, Slayer Vestas has a knack for shredding down even the sturdiest of heroes who are caught off-guard.
It may be wise, instead, to bring a pair of running shoes compared to lugging heavy equipment.


However, as vicious and voracious as this enormous rat-demon may be, he is neither immortal nor invulnerable, thus persistence, skill and teamwork will prevail, leading to great rewards for those who are successful in orchestrating the demon’s demise.
From Slayer Value Reset Books and Soul and Class Crystals, to PvE and PvP marks, guild materials and people-scrolls – not a bad treasure-trove for taking down a Demon King.


Gather your allies, sharpen your blades and head to the barren land of the west if you wish to test your mettle against the Slayer – or you could simply press “CTRL+O” or “O” and monitor world bosses from there.


No matter how you go about your demon-slaying business, we wish you luck. Nuanor is an infinitely better place when it has less gargantuan-rat-demon-king-creatures stomping around.

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