Life as a giant pig can be rough in the world of Nuanor. After all, there's no shortage of adventurers looking to make a name for themselves – and some of them even like the thought of a demon-bacon sandwich – which is why Hogwash, one of the three demon kings, has learned how to keep opposition at bay during his destructive jaunts around the realm.


Last seen trampling through an entire village while spewing corrosive liquids at approaching adventurers that were up to 40 meters away, Hogwash is not the be trifled with. Even if you manage to avoid his vicious ranged attacks, his brute strength and wild flailing can send combatants reeling, cleaving down multiple heroes at once with ease.


Hogwash is a demon-king after all – one of the trio – so those foolish enough to assume this giant pig is easy pickings are in for a shock if they attack him without a strong band of allies at their back.


Should you succeed in slaying this vile demon, there is no doubt that the reward will be worthwhile. Slayer Value Reset Books and Soul & Class Crystals, PvE & PvP marks, guild materials and earth scrolls – a respectable haul for any hero brave enough to face-down a Demon King.


Hogwash spawns every day, so if you wish to duck and weave through barrages of corrosive bile in the name of glory and treasure, keep your eye on the Event Window (CTRL+O or O shortcut) and be ready to rally your friends and allies together.


We wish you well on your demon slaying escapades, hero. Fight well!

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