Scour Dungeons

Welcome to our guide regarding Scour Dungeons – a method for adventurers to test themselves against all manner of Nuanor’s villains in a rewarding PvE arena format. Once you have claimed your full prize, you may even transform into a monster yourself and pester fellow adventurers who are looking to do the same!

Want to get a taste on what's expecting you? First, watch our new trailer about one of the scour dungeons - Oneiric Trials!

General Information

Double Experience


Life Skills & Bloodlust Brews



There are many Scour Dungeons to conquer, hero. Show the residing monsters your true power and enjoy the experience it provides. We’ll no doubt be creating articles on some of the specific Scour Dungeons in the near future, so until then, we hope you found this guide insightful.
Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure!

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