The Red Warden

Of all the divine guardians to bless Nuanor, none kindles the imaginations of young adventurers like the Red Warden. This legendary tactician emerged as the cleverest and most resourceful among the strange beings born of the ancient Fire Civilization.
He was made a demigod and was chosen to accompany the Yellow, White and Black Wardens when they first landed on the shores of Ausgyth, where they joined forces with its indigenous protector, the Green Warden.


While the White and Black Wardens soared through the skies and invoked recondite spells far beyond the abilities of common Ausgythians, onlookers marveled at the Red Warden's splendid contraptions: Ornately inlaid twin pistols, ocular lenses that seemed to move of their own accord, and cunning weaponry studding his hands and forearms.
He was unlike the somber Green Warden and the other remote demigods, enshrouded as they were in magical veils that no human or Volopine could ever hope to understand.
No, here stood a self-made warden-a technical mastermind the world had never seen, wielding tools of marvelous alloys and cunning inventions.
Villagers rejoiced as he roared by on a thunderous, two-wheeled machine, and many wondered if they too could harness the forces that powered his creations.


Indeed, the Red Warden proved generous with his knowledge and endeavored to share it with the kingdom. He and the survivors of the Fire Civilization moved southwest and carved a sizeable laboratory deep within the cliffs of Dragonbone Wash.
This secret base, which clangs with activity to this very day, was named the Imperial Academy, and it has remained devoted to advanced weapons and alchemical research in the service of the Ausgyth Empire since the outset of the Five Wardens Era.

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