How did your career as an adventurer begin, hero? Did you lead an unfulfilling life and decide one day to aimlessly wander the world and broaden your mind? Maybe you began in poverty and fought your way to riches and glory? Or perhaps you were already wealthy and put those resources towards the unveiling the mysteries of Nuanor?
Either way, all heroes have their own story to tell and it is no surprise that not all of them are free of their own tragedies.


Remember Akuta? While some may look down on his antics or hasty and reckless methods of living life, he at least takes his destiny into his own hands and clearly has a good heart, yet that may not have been the case if it was not for a particular individual – his mentor, Makato. Akuta, being an orphan, was raised primarily by Makato, a demon-slayer, who eventually became somewhat of a father figure to the feckless young gunslinger.
A teacher and guide, willingly filling the void of lost parents, someone like Akuta could have easily fallen prey to the dangers of the world if it weren’t for Makato’s wisdom, good nature and caring demeanor.


Unfortunately, life as a demon slayer is not without its own dangers and perils, resulting in an unexpected situation that would serve as a harsh test of will for the young Akuta – the premature death of Makato at the hands of demons he wished to protect Akuta from.
Being an orphan was bad enough, yet losing the only parental figure left in his life afterwards was a crushing blow for Akuta, but one that acted as a catalyst towards his maturation and growth as a person, thus even in death, Makato was a huge influence.


Remember your origins, hero, and remember too that everyone out there has their own story to tell. Not all heroes are forged in fire and combat – some are indeed forged through hardship and tears.
We ask you to take a moment to celebrate the life of Makato, and those like him, for regardless of a person’s origin, there is always room for a guiding light or a shining example to live by, and not everyone pulls through the hardship of losing such a precious thing – but those who do quite often become stronger in the end.

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