The Green Warden

The divine protector native to Ausgyth has many names in many tongues, for he is the most ancient of the five great protectors. In common speech he is known simply as the Green Warden, for it was he who breathed life into the continent many eons ago.
While his somber visage is rarely glimpsed by even the sagest of Ausgyth's observers, his presence is felt everywhere, from the teeming forests of Amanita Hamlet to the untamed western tundra.
The Green Warden was mankind's first teacher, bringing agriculture and language to this young race. For the older Hyphaeans, he is evidence of an all-encompassing natural balance, a force of elemental stability. And for the Swordmages who weave spells atop lofty crags, it was the Green Warden who first taught them the ways of the stars.
In his true form, this ancient demigod is a kirin enshrouded in a verdant mist. Taking the shape of a human-his "revealed form," as modern scholars of Divine Overlook would put it-he is a wise scholar, donning a flowing robe and carrying a harp of diaphanous jade.


When he first sensed the coming of the four wardens from across the sea, the demigod allied with them to combat the nefarious followers of the Dark Progenitor. And while it was the White Warden who ultimately sealed this vile being with the Oblivion Blade, theorists at the Immortal Annex believe that it was the Green Warden who imbued her celestial weapon with the life force needed to counteract the Dark Progenitor's immense power.

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