Faery Agency

Introducing the Faery Agency, an organization focusing on the lighter side of Nuanor that is primarily run by the Volopines, who collaborate with many factions across the realm to create fun games and enjoyable pastime events for everyone to enjoy.
The Faery Agency often provide tools (such as tickets and treasure maps) to anyone who wishes to have a little fun, as well as a wide range of rewards for completing their games and tasks – Curious Beads, Soul Crystals, Marks, cosmetics, and more!


If you feel like spicing up your daily Nuanor routine, consider visiting the Faery Agency and gaining their favor. You’ll no doubt gain some very valuable resources in return for undertaking their light-hearted games and chores, such as Curious Events, Fish Parties, Star Velvet Weddings, Lady of the Forest, and Secret Alchemy, to name but a few.
The Faery Agency do love a good treasure hunt, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself having a treasure map thrust into your hands when paying them a visit. Adventurers rarely say no to being rewarded for finding treasure!


However, the most notable thing under the Faery Agency banner is definitely Faerie Funland itself – a Volopine amusement park that serves as the largest fun-themed event in all of Nuanor. Open bi-weekly to all comers, Faerie Funland is essentially an enormous game-board spliced with carnival elements, with visitors serving as the board pieces!
By traveling across this board using dice-rolls, you’ll be thrust into all manner of mini-games and challenges, all of which come with their own individual rewards, making your attempted run to the end of the board both fun AND profitable. Heck, some tiles on the board reward you simply for landing on them!


You’ll need to use your wit and cunning for the mini-games, but also for the dice-rolls themselves, seeing as you can use all manner of dice to try and add some element of control to influence your journey through the tiles.

Participants should try to conquer as many mini-games as possible, stock up on the tickets received as a reward for their completion, then use them to purchase all manner of fabulous goodies from the Faery Agency!


Sound good to you? Then what are you waiting for? The Faery Agency are itching to include more people in their games, so head on over and have some profitable fun!

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