Enchantress Nur

Wielder of the Staff of Silence, Enchantress Nur has spent much of her life pondering the recondite arts. Her path has never known a moment devoid of mystic hexes and dark rituals.
At the three years of age, Nur and her sister Namika were discovered by the former Enchantment Lord of the Abyssal Cabal order. This leader of the Abyssal, whose name has been lost to history, sensed a stirring in the aether and sought to ponder the distant forces that were gathering. During a foray to the eastern coasts, fate led him to the girls. He immediately felt the presence of the Black Warden in them.
Hoping to learn more about the two mysterious infants, the Enchantment Lord's thoughts coalesced around two questions: Who are these mysterious beings? Why would they be left, perhaps abandoned, along the cold coasts of Nuanor, alone and exposed to the elements? The children naturally revealed nothing, and it soon became clear to the priest that Nur and her sister indeed knew nothing of their short past. Years later, the girls presented him with a terse message that simply said:
Nur 1381; Namika 1384
The priest raised the girls in his monastery as if they were his own daughters, appointing Abyssal nuns to attend to their education.
Nur's skills blossomed at the monastery, and she matured into a radiant beauty known throughout the area even outside the faith. Her very presence was unmistakable--she was tall, agile, and had a thick, flowing hair. Nur's reputation as a cunning practitioner of the arcane arts was often conflated with her reputation for physical beauty.
Was she as powerful as she was beautiful? Or was she as beautiful as she was powerful? Such was that talk among her followers in the beer gardens and public houses from Tidewater to Emollion. Nur's quiet charm kept her admirers entranced, yet she remained dedicated above all to her studies, in particularly to magical lore. Her facility with dark essence meant that few avenues of traditional sorcery lay outside her grasp.
Nur's desire to be the world's greatest spellcaster, as well as her prowess in divine invocation, made her the Enchantment Lord's first choice as heir to his vaunted Staff of Silence. Years later, Nur and Namika sat with the moribund leader on his deathbed. In his final hour, he entrusted Nur with both his staff and his position. Henceforth, Nur was no longer a three-letter personage and mere apprentice. She had become Enchantress Nur, leader of the entire Abyssal faith!
Since taking the helm of this mysterious organization, Nur has garnered fame for her pilgrimages and discoveries. Her two confidantes, Makato and Anuran Egar, have always admired her skillful use of the Obsidian Mirror and the Staff of Silence.
Few can compare to Nur's powers and abilities, but her loyalty and care for her sister's well-being is second to none...


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