Black Market

The Black Market – one of many important factions in Nuanor (despite its blatant shadiness) – is an operation run by money-grabbing imps, enslaved and trained to oversee its day-to-day dealings by a particular dragon-lady, Sen.


Adventurers attempting to acquire the coveted Dragonfly Wings will have to deal with this faction, thus those of a more lawful nature will have to grit their teeth and bear it – for now.
As you may expect, the Black Market is also a vital source of Imperial currencies, as well as daily tasks for adventurers willing to cooperate with those of a shadier persuasion in return for respectable pocket money (just don’t ask where it came from).


However, the daily tasks themselves are broken down into tiers – higher tiers unsurprisingly rewarding larger payouts.

They also have a habit of employing hunters and gatherers to acquire particular materials or slay certain creatures, so if you happen to fit the bill, you’ll also fit right in with the Black Market. Simply check in with the local NPC’s to acquire such jobs.


It wouldn’t be much of a market if it didn’t sell wares, the most precious of which is the mainframe component of the Dragonfly Wings – though there are various other goods on offer, especially those who have built up their reputation with the clientele before bartering with the dealers there.


With quests ranging from 35 to 55+ that require some degree of travel, you’d do well to pay the Black Market a visit at your earliest convenience – just be sure to keep your coin-purse tucked securely away from the eyes of what could easily be mistaken as innocent civilians.


After all, the Black Market attracts all manner of visitors, not all of which are particularly honorable.

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