NPCs & Factions

The game currently has around twenty factions you can work with. Each one has its own history, which they will gladly share with adventurers. Factions will suggest diverse quests to heroes, whose favor will increase when they implement them.

There are six favor levels: from amicable to exalted. With new levels, characters unlock opportunities for more favor bonus points, along with various gifts and access to faction items, which include many unique decorative outfits and accessories and useful items. When a hero reaches the maximum favor level, they may be asked to complete a special exam. If they pass they will be rewarded with access to various recipes of the highest order, access to valuable resources and so on. You can select the faction that offers that most appealing rewards. Or even achieve the exalted level amongst them all!

Upon reaching level 30, heroes can work with the Demonslayer Society. The Demonslayer Society aims to keep the peace on the mainland, but this is becoming ever more difficult because there are more and more monsters in all corners of the continent. The Society will offer worthy rewards to those willing to help them make the world better and safer. Perform daily and weekly quests, receive rewards, earn Society favor and boost your rank within it. Society intendants will help you obtain materials to create excellent high-level equipment and other useful items. You must help the Society in the fight against evil! Who else will help cleanse this world of monsters?


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