Snowpine Reach

Welcome to Snowpine Reach, a snow laden land that is located at the very north-eastern reaches of Nuanor itself, just above the forest landscape of Tusenwoods.


Snowpine Reach is cold enough to dampen the spirits of those unused to such chilling environments, thus those who stay there must quickly learn how to craft the warmest clothes using the hides and furs of local wildlife. Given Snowpine Reach is also the staging ground for one of the most bitter rivalries in Nuanor, staying warm isn’t the only factor one must adapt to when trying to survive.


Two warring factions native to Tusenwoods, the Wingar and the Ursids, have both made a base of operations for their ongoing campaign for resources and land dominance here in Snowpine Reach, later resulting in a seemingly unending battle between the two that threatens to spill over and cause problems for its more peaceful residents. It has become clear that the land as a whole would prosper from an end to this rivalry, and with both factions locked in a stalemate, each side has since begun accepting fighters who are willing to aid their cause.


If you choose to aid one of the rivalling factions, speak with the Camp Escort to receive a quest that will allow you to side with the Wingar or Ursids in the battles to come. Aside from the conflict, Snowpine Reach is also home to two ferocious beast tribes – The Snow Apes, led by one known as Red Rump, and the Snow Prowlers, led by their Empowered Snow Prowler. It may be difficult to visit Snowpine Reach without a confrontation of some kind, so bring your blade and keep it sharp.

Whilst Snowpine Reach’s snowy weather can make it difficult for vegetation to flourish on the whole, lucky adventurers may still stumble upon growths of Ice Rattens, which have all manner of uses in terms of crafting. However, only players with high enough gathering stats may actually harvest these rare plants.


Regardless of all the dangers, there are many peaceful people living in Snowpine Reach who would welcome your assistance with their day to day living. No matter your allegiance in the faction war, or your opinion of the local beast tribes, you can always speak with the Commerce Steward for daily Snowpine Reach quests to improve your overall reputation with the locals. By winning their favour, you could earn yourself a wide variety of goods that are exclusive to Snowpine Reach itself.


Think you can handle the cold weather, or wish to take part in an even colder rivalry? Then don’t hesitate to visit Snowpine Reach during your adventure across Nuanor. Just don’t forget to pack a few extra pairs of socks!

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