Scavenger’s Borough

Welcome to Scavenger’s Borough, the austere home of the Red Warden’s Spire.

This wind-swept stretch abounds with the most advanced mechanisms wrought by the Fire Civilization. As a symbol of this ancient civilization, the gravity-defying structure is a place of pilgrimage for its survivors.


Scavenger’s Borough is also home three other races: The Northern Wolf tribes, the Lost Wanderers, and the Imperial Court army.


This untamed corner of Nuanor is a flashpoint for conflicts between the Ausgyth Army and Northern Wolf tribal warriors. Despite the constant crackle of hostility, both factions welcome adventurers and seek to enlist them to their cause.


Even with the fires of battle dotting the wasteland, one can readily make out the Mech Citadel looming in the distance. The once impregnable fortress, known for its mechanical marvels and forward-thinking research, was overrun by its creations and is now one of the most perilous corners of the continent.


While the dangers that lie within Mech Citadel are well known, hardy adventurers plumb its depths, hoping to uncover long-forgotten technologies of the Fire Civilization. The abandoned military robotics factory is a popular destination for the fearless.

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