Nimbus Keep

Welcome to Nimbus Keep – a beautiful location that serves as a home for two distinct Qazri tribes – the nine-tailed fox tribe and the flower fox tribe.


The flower fox tribe is regarded as a lesser group, typically serving as maidservants or workers within the area, whereas the nine-tailed fox tribe is primarily composed of pure-bred nine-tails, thus held in higher regard by default.
In human terms, they would be considered as nobles, with two great examples being the Keeper of the Sun and Keeper of the Moon, rulers of their respective land.


Given the Keeper of the Sun has since sacrificed himself for the good of his people, the Keeper of the Moon now remains sole ruler and rightful king of the land – and what a land to rule over!

The area itself is a mystical marvel that beautifully floats over a vast lake, easily garnering awe and curiosity from those who witness it, especially for the first time.
Hailed as one of the most romantic landmarks of Nuanor, it is one of the most commonly used locations for weddings, resulting in a specialist setting up shop directly south of the keep to help facilitate them.


However, awe and romance hasn’t prevented warring factions from vying for control of one of the flying fortresses directly north-east of the keep itself. After all, who wouldn’t want their own floating fortress to marvel over?
If you, too, wish to claim the fortress, you can fight for it during territory wars.
Regardless of your thoughts on floating keeps and fortresses, the fox tribes themselves have set up task boards for passing adventurers to peruse. After all, there is always something that needs doing, and no harm can come from increasing your reputation with the fox tribes.


Much like other factions, they have their own culture, wares and reputation based goods to offer those who assist them with their needs, such as taking care of cubs of the tribe, or assisting in the brewing of potent ales and liquors, so if you decide to pay Nimbus Keep a visit, be sure to check out what they’re offering once you’ve finished gawping at the surrounding beauty!

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