Harsh. Dry. Desolate. Not the most appealing words when it comes to tourism, yet the area known as Karstwald – an arid desert landscape located in the western region of Nuanor – is not without its positives.


For one, it is at least partially civilized, even if the most popular areas involve the infamous Black Market in all its dodgy glory.
Outside of that, it is also home to a fortress that is specifically designed to not only ward off invasions by the wolvern tribes, but also the demons themselves, making it a vitally important location no matter what opinions may be of the environment.


However, as an adventurer, this borderline wasteland is not without its bountiful activities and treasures. Quite literally, treasure hunting is a staple here in the deserts of Karstwald, with no shortage of salesmen willing to part with treasure maps and compasses for those willing to take the risk.


With so many tourists willing to wade into the unknown without a guide, it’s no surprise when people (and their possessions) go missing within the swirling wastes from time to time, hence there is usually profit one way or another, from unfortunate ‘finders-keepers’ to legitimate artifacts of real worth.


If braving the sands for treasure is not to your liking, then the Black Market itself will no doubt have tasks and jobs for those willing to switch off their moral compass for the sake of profit. In fact, rumor has it that they have jobs each and every day for such types of adventurers, thus if you’re one of them, it may be worth paying Karstwald a visit after all.


However, it’s not all ‘tasks and treasures’, for Karstwald is also home to the Windswept Gauntlet – a gear & level adjusted challenge where you can play as all classes and challenge vicious bosses to one-on-one combat.


Those who have the strength to defeat all bosses and reach SSS rank using all classes will be gifted with the coveted “Bone Dragon Wings” alongside special achievements.


If any of this appeals to you then we advise bringing a water-canteen or three just in-case. After all, if the black-market enforcers or dungeon bosses don’t get you, the heat might. Be safe out there!

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