Immortal Annex

Welcome to the Immortal Annex, one of the most renowned academies in all of Nuanor! While this fact alone may pique the interest of tourists and scholars alike, there are many reasons for adventurers to visit the Immortal Annex regardless of their academic pursuits (or lack thereof).


Located close to the Imperial City of Sidus Ur, students from all over the world gather here to acquire valuable knowledge. It has been said that there is unlimited wisdom stored within the academy scrolls, resulting in countless volunteers applying to work within the library despite it having the most demanding membership requirements in all of Nuanor.


Ultimately, the Immortal Annex is a place for students to strengthen themselves via knowledge and wisdom, learning special skills that would have otherwise remained out of reach, surrounded by good natured people who easily appreciate the priceless value of the service provided.


The location itself has become so popular that it merged together into a faction of its own. Local residents hold special events every day while merchants ply their trade in the surrounding area, willing to trade rare and valuable goods to those who clearly have the Immortal Annex’s best interests at heart.


Are you ready to expand your mind and win the trust of some of Nuanor’s best and brightest? Then be sure to the Immortal Annex a visit!

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