Ersich Forest

Located to the south of Sulan, Ersich Forest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to hang out with your loved one in Nuanor, thanks to tremendously huge amounts of Peach Trees in the vicinity that lovingly embrace the land with their vibrant pink leaves.

As one of the first places most adventurers visit once they reach Sulan, you are very likely to notice these peach trees dominating the entrance – something that has also captured the attention of Nuanor’s gatherers.

Despite the obvious lack of diversity that is often found in other areas, gatherers are still fond of Ersich Forest for its abundance of Peach Trees and Jade Succulent, two valuable resources for crafters.
Even the local monsters – Muskhorns – are regarded as a blessing to the locals, given that their meat is treasured as a local delicacy.


Furthermore, Ersich Forest is home to something far more deadly than Muskhorns, specifically the Lady of the Forest, a guardian and goddess who keeps her watchful eye over the natural landscape and prevents harm from befalling the surrounding woodland.


Adventurers on her good side can assist her with this goal by partaking in night-time boss challenges that provide rewards which help improve your character.


Ersich Forest is also home to one of the few remaining Wishing Trees, capable of bestowing travellers with a blessing from the Ausgyth Gods and even make some wishes come true.
If that doesn’t grab your attention, Nori, a cute and sentient little mushroom, can provide insight into your friendship levels and even boost intimacy.


Whether a lover of nature or an appreciator of all things magical and mystical, the Ersich Forest is a fantastic place to visit during your travels across Nuanor.

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