Divine Overlook

Imagine yourself living inside a treehouse in the sky, with a view so fascinating that the words “Divine Overlook” now serves as both the name and its description. This lush area is a beauty to behold – a sprawling network of rope-bridges and wood-based culture suspended just below the clouds by nothing but trees.


Assuming you have no problem with great heights, the Divine Overlook is not only a fascinating area for non-queasy adventurers to visit, but also a great spot for gatherers to ply their trade. Thanks to the nourishment provided by arguably the purest water known to Nuanor, it’s no surprise that the trees have taken to such heights as a result.
You’d also need to be barking mad to miss the astonishing waterfall that has blessed the area, feeding and sustaining the land surrounding it.


On the other hand, the Divine Overlook’s greatest assets are often considered negatives in some eyes.
After all, not everyone can fly, thus it’s no surprise when some people are apprehensive of going so high above ground when they can keep their feet firmly planted on the solid ground of places such as the Immortal Annex.


If this doesn’t put you off, adventurer, then you’ll be able to participate in the Inner Demons Trial event much like you can at the Immortal Annex, though the Divine Overlook is also home to the Trial of Four Kings as well, providing floor-by-floor trials and challenges with special rewards and Imperial Notes as rewards.

Much like any location with dedicated residents, there are also daily faction quests to sink your teeth into, helping to raise your reputation with the Immortal Annex faction while working alongside the Hyphaeans.

Whether you’re there for the view, the gathering opportunities, or at the whim of the Immortal Annex, it is always worth paying the Divine Overlook a visit, even if just once in your life.

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