Every one of the heroes that you control in the upcoming Legends of Nuanor game mode will be unique, but you can enhance their individuality further by bestowing them with one of ten Talents.
Unlike the character-locked abilities that are inherent to each hero, you can choose any talent you like, so long as you’ve unlocked it previously with the requisite amount of Regal Medals.


Two talents are available from the start - and very effective they are too - and while some of the rest are more costly than others, all of them can provide a highly effective boost to team’s abilities in the right tactical situations!

Talent Description Price
Butcher When you first start Legends of Nuanor, you’ll only have access to two talents. Butcher is one of them and, as you might expect, it just deals damage. However, it’s almost twice as effective against monsters than it is on minions and towers, making it something of a popular talent for junglers. Free
Heal Not as effective a recuperative talent as Shield is at protecting, but what makes Heal useful is that it can be used on other players and also delivers a short increase in movement speed. If you like to support the efforts of your team, it’s a good choice to start with. Free
Meditate Just as all Heroes will need at some point to restore some health, those that rely on their magical abilities will need to claw back some energy. 300 Regal Medals
Gale Step Whether you need to close or widen the distance between yourself and an opponent, Gale Step is for you. It doesn’t actually offer a vast increase in velocity, but it’s also an effective way to kite slower enemies so you can bring them down on your own terms. 300 Regal Medals
Purify Dispels active control effects and provides a brief period of immunity against incoming effects. While physical attributes, skills, magic spells and even some gear items provide a degree of control resistance, the Purify talent adds a bit extra protection. 500 Regal Medals
Shield Simple but effective, this talent rather obviously absorbs incoming damage. It’s not very spectacular, but it gets the job done. 500 Regal Medals
Boiling Blood A deliciously vampiric talent, Boiling Blood will eliminate a percentage of an enemies max hit points, which means the more that they have the more they have to lose. While easily countered, it’s a talent can in the right circumstances can deliver a fatal blow to a fleeing foe. 800 Regal Medals
Disable Slowing down an enemy can be one of the mostful things you can do to them, as it helps the team regardless of the tactical situation. In addition, Disable reduces the amount of damage an enemy can dole out. If you’re facing off against a superior foe, this talent can seriously level the playing field. 800 Regal Medals
Nimbus Stride Where Gale Step provides a sustained 15-second boost to acceleration and movement, Nimbus Strike is a blink/flash-style instantaneous teleport from where you are to wherever your pointer is aiming. It’s probably the most effective way to get out of (or into) trouble. 1,000 Regal Medals
Thunder An area of effect talent that stuns all enemies within a certain radius of your hero, which is a life-saver for those that lack a means to defend themselves against superior melee opponents, or who just need a diversion to get out of a potentially sticky situation. 1,000 Regal Medals
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