Hero profile - Mac Steelgreave

For decades, the people of Ausgyth have revered Mac Steelgreave as a hero. Everyone from the windswept wastelands of Karstad to the azure coasts of Sulan lauds the mighty general as the Undefeated Champion. General Steelgreave is a model soldier and a hero of the empire. While defending the Iron Precipice Fort, he fought hundreds of skirmishes and battles against the Northern Wolves, defeating them at every turn. So long as General Steelgreave is garrisoned at the front, the nobles of Ausgyth can enjoy a drink of the famous Fortress Firewater in lounghes of Fort Whetstone - even if brutal campaigns are being waged just dozens of miles away.


Like his fellow Vanguards, Mac Steelgreave upholds the virtues of loyalty, glory, and righteousness. The General's skills therefore reflect his faith and willingness to defend Ausgyth with his life. Steelgreave is the mightiest bulwark of Iron Precipice Fort and the great hegemon of the Contested Lands.

Passive: Guard Mac Steelgreave's passive skill allows him to heal 0.5% Max HP per second. Upon death, he creates a 12-meter radius explosion that damages enemies and heals the HP of allies within the area.
Skill 1: Tornado Sweep Mac Steelgreave spins his mighty lance to damage nearby foes.
Skill 2: Pious Inspiration Sacrifice some of Mac Steelgreave's HP to gain an Attack buff.
Skill 3: Heroic Leap Mac Steelgreave leaps towards the target, damaging and slowing nearby enemies. This skill provides Mac Steelgreave with great offensive and defensive mobility. Use this to achieve the perfect pursuit kill or escape.
Skill 4: Ultimate Vanguard’s Blessing Mac Steelgreave unleash a burst of vitality, healing his HP and boosting his move speed.


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