Hero profile - Clawmaster Buri

A hulking demon, born of failed demonic experiments to create the perfect weapon, Clawmaster Buri will be a difficult challenge to overcome in Legends of Nuanor’s lanes. With the ability to poison you or even pull you close in with his Sickle Hook, maybe the better option is to take him on from afar!
He can also hit you with melee attacks from great distances, thanks to his demonic longsword. Use great care; even if you take him down, his poison could be the end of you!

Passive: Stinking Fluid Every time Clawmaster Buri uses a skill, he exudes poison that damages himself and enemies. Cooldown lasts 3 seconds.
Instant: Swinging Blow Deals damage to enemies in front.
Instant: Sickle Hook Hurls a sickle hook forward, pulling close the first target.
Instant: Vulture Grab Deals damage and sends surrounding enemies flying.
Instant: Reaper’s Whirlwind Deals damage to surrounding enemies.


The sudden outbreak of chaotic forces attracted the interest of Buri. The power of the Dark Progenitor coursing through his veins, he entered the Contest Lands and explored its great depths.
"Experimental Evaluation: Combat power, 45. IQ, 89. Evaluation Result: Failure. Initial experimental body is not suitable for increasing intelligence. Recommendation: Improve combat effectiveness."
Experimental Archives – Volume 346
Clawmaster Buri was not always the demon you see. He comes from an emotional past, which can be seen in a letter recovered from the tracts of his life.
"Dear Ling,
If you ever read this letter, I hope that you can forgive me. I had hoped you’d love me, just as I love you.
When I was taken and experimented on, the Shingen Priests tortured me. They tore my skin, exposing my muscle fiber… They opened my head and poured their Dark Progenitor energy into it. Even through all this pain and horror, I hoped to see you again. Just like when we met, you sang me a beautiful song to send me soundly to sleep. Waking up now… It is different. But I don’t blame you for your path now. I firmly believe you are being coerced by the words of liars. You are not the same as them… I can hear it in your voice.
But today, you bring me sorrow… Even now… Even if things are stained with your blood… I’m still having trouble. I’m perpetually trapped in this state of sorrow… Everything is a lie… You will be like the others… My mind… This is a part of me now… Forever, never separating."

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