Hero profile - Akuta

Akuta was once an intrepid young man that many regarded as the future of the Guardians for his undefeatable courage and bravado. In a mission to hunt down Edd, however, Akuta fired a fate-changing shot that ended with the brutal and unfortunate death of his comrade.


Clasping the lifeless body of his close friend, Akuta let loose a howl of anguish. When he finally returned to his senses, Akuta took up his late comrade's rifle and headed to the Contested Lands. His courage and bravodo now feed an incessant drive for redemption.

Passive: Hot Pursuit Using normal attacks on enemies will temporarily increase your movement speed.
Skill 1: Searing Vengeance When Searing Vengeance is active, Akuta's basic attack deals more physical damage and shortens Rippling Energy cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
Skill 2: Rolling Strike Roll for a short distance. The next basic attack deals more physical damage.
Skill 3: Comet Strike Deals magic damage to the enemy. Also knocks back and stuns the specified target.
Skill 4: Red Lotus Flame A rapid spray shot in all directions, dealing massive damage with every hit.


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