Eternal Chasm

Welcome to the Eternal Chasm, a multi-mode instance (accessible from level 59 onward) that is full to the brim with danger, excitement, alternating environments and devastating monstrosities. Gather your friends, sharpen your steel and prepare to delve through the depths of this mysterious maw, battling through heavy opposition on both land and through water.


Shinji – after the events of Darkfall – is particularly interested in what resides within this decrepit cave, believing the Eternal Chasm contains clues regarding the fate of his own father. Whether to aid your prince in his investigation, or to simply test your mettle against a huge array of threats and environments, the mouth of the chasm is eager to swallow all visitors and cast them down into madness.


This vast map, ripe for exploration, is littered with nodes that render adventurers into a dream-like state, eliciting visions of what lies ahead. From fiery pits and voracious volcanos, to spine-chilling snow lands and sea-faring shenanigans, the Eternal Chasm is teeming with promising rewards and devious challenges to test yourself against, ever increasing in difficulty as you progress.


In return for your efforts, you’ll be able to obtain Skill Cultivation Books, Equipment Blueprints and Duskcloud Nyx Treasures, as well as some Purple Grade equipment – provided you can bypass the wide range of beasts, monsters and bosses that seek to crush you at every turn, be they undead, bestial, mythical, or even prehistoric.


Even your journey to the chasm itself will be littered with danger. Are you sure the rewards are worth the risk?


As it stands, two of the five Eternal Chasm modes can currently be accessed, so take the opportunity to explore and adapt to its interior, for many more challenges await you inside as modes are later unlocked. Steel yourself, hero, and woe thee who fall prey to the Eternal Chasm’s jaws of despair.

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