Altar of Swords

Are you an adventurer in search of fame and fortune, or one who takes the title literally, wandering the land seeking naught but actual adventure? No matter where your moral compass points, listen well – a brief history of the land may lead to securing all three of these things for yourself.


The land is rife with stories, fables and tales of the past, yet none are quite as prominent as that of the war of five wardens. Having culminated into a battle so zealous, violent and bloody, it is said that the blades of the fallen warriors adopted the killing aura and intent of the slain wielder, an unexplainable phenomenon that lasted long beyond the end of that brutal battle.


Having witnessed this occurrence, it dawned on a particular individual that this same effect could very well have happened to that of the White Wardens’s own sword, thus Monethir, founder of the Blademaster Class, began his studies.

To this day, he is the sole person across the kingdom to comprehend the White Warden sword techniques – and while he may no longer be with us in the flesh, his soul still wanders that same battlefield, eternally seeking to pass on his learnings to others, for such knowledge was never meant to be contained by one person, living or dead.

And so, we return to the first question. What is it you seek from your life of adventuring? Are you the type to venture into Nuanor’s most storied battlefield of the past? Would you dare challenge the one and only soul capable of every sword technique in the land, even that of the White Warden herself? Would you do so for the good of that lost soul, or for the riches and stories such a feat would reward you? Then get ready to enter the Altar of Swords, one of the most important locations in the land.

As a dungeon, Altar of Swords includes:

  • 5 man – Level 70 – Easy Mode.
  • 5 man – Level 70 – Hard Mode.
  • 10 man – Level 75 – Expert Mode.


That’s not all – what would such a storied dungeon be without a hidden boss? Dare you brave the first five stages, let alone that which is hidden? If so, we wish you good fortune, adventurer – though fortune won’t do good should you be found unworthy in the eyes of the true Blademaster.

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