Premium Service

Enjoy playing Revelation Online? Why not invest the price of one cone of ice cream and make your gaming experience more comfortable for a whole month?
Our 150 Aurum package is the perfect way to get you started. With that, you can buy the Premium Service.

How to get Premium Service

Enter the realm of Nuanor and have your character reach level 17, this will enable the in-game store function where you can get access to the premium service function. Press “U” to access the “Road to Greatness” panel, which is located in the top right corner. With your newly-acquired Aurum, you can then get the Premium Service.


Benefits of Premium Service

  • Daily Loot - 4,000 Imperial Coins which be used for purchasing various items from NPCs, and also such operations as repairing equipment and using portals.
  • Daily Loot - 2 Crystal Pills that can increase character experience.
  • Daily Loot - 2 Free World Shouts: Uses the power of the mountains and rivers to shout to the entire world. A product of the Imperial Marksman Academy. Automatically disappears when a message is sent on the Greatvoice channel.
  • Get 10% more XP for slaying basic monsters.
  • Increase the basic stamina recovery speed outside of combat by 20%.
  • Claim or Freeze Double XP Time without having to interact with a special NPC.
  • Increase the maximum accumulated 2 days Trials Dungeon XP
  • Ability to restore crafting energy while offline (Diligence & Inspiration)
  • Double the limit of crafting energy that can be stored (Diligence & Inspiration)
  • Allows you to activate Progress Boost Pack, Battle Boost Pack, Explorer's Boost Pack

If you’re looking for more bonuses, you could choose the 375 Aurum package. With that, you can acquire the Premium Service plus 2 of the 3 available boost packs (see below for detailed description of bonuses). This should definitely ensure a very smooth start of your journey through Nuanor.
2 Battle Boost
Enjoy 5 daily respawns in instances!

  • Daily Loot - 2 Annex Vouchers
  • Unlock Premium Page of character attributes
  • Unlock Premium Page of skill page sets
  • 5 free dungeon respawns per day

3 Progress Boost
A scroll to progress faster in the world of Nuanor!

  • Daily Loot - 2 Small Whimsy Bead Pouches
  • +20% Daily Aptitude Recovery Bonus
  • +15% XP from Hot Springs consumables
  • +30% PvP XP in League
  • +30 % Demonslayer Faction experience
  • Increase maximum accumulated 3 days Trials Dungeon XP

4Explorer Boost
Get the most of your mounts and wings!

  • Daily Loot - 3 Explorer's Boosts
  • Daily Loot - 1 Windrider Feathers
  • Mount won't get hungry
  • Wings won't wear out
  • All mounts from your inventory inherit the speed of your fastest mount
  • All wings from your inventory inherit the speed of your fastest wings

As you can see, the Premium Service gets you off with valuable bonuses to make your adventures in Nuanor more comfortable and epic!

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