In-game Shop

This article will explain how items form the in-game shop can make things more convenient for you throughout your travels in Nuanor.
From level 17, you can use the in-game shop, which you can open by clicking the button on the top right-hand side of the screen.
The front page of the shop has a search bar which you can use at any time to find the items you are looking for, but please note that that upper and lower case is important when entering the name of the item you are searching for.


For your convenience, each shop section is labelled so you are able to navigate the shop with ease to be able to find the goods you are specifically looking for.
There are 7 shop sections, labeled Home, Hot, Daily, Apparel, Travel, Priceless, Exclusive, Premium and Exchange. Within each section, there are multiple tabs which makes everything more organized and easier to navigate.


In the shop you can buy various useful items for special currency - aurum. You can get Aurum by topping up your account on the website or by using the exchange, where you can trade your Imperial Coins for Aurum and visa versa. To learn more about the different types of currency in Nuanor you can read this article.
Note: After topping up your account on the website, you will need to select the server and relevant character on your user page to transfer the Aurum to in the game.



Daily - Ausgyth Treasure

Daily - Daily Amenities

Daily - Horns and Fireworks

Daily - Character Attribute

Daily - Support Item

Daily - Other Cargo


Travel - Wings

Travel - Mounts

Priceless - Skill Upgrade

Priceless - Soul Grids and PvE Marks

Priceless - Equipment and Sundries

Priceless - Guild

Exclusive - Acquaintance Gift
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