Account Security

We take account security very seriously, and while we are glad to assist anyone who fears for the safety of their account or feels theirs may have been compromised, remember that the first line of defense starts with you!

Step 1: Use of built-in Password for inventory

As an additional security measure, Revelation Online offers an extra protection by offering you the option to protect your character inventory by password. Simply set this password, using a different one from the one you use to log in and this will prevent many actions such as deletion, selling of items or trading your in-game currency to happen without your approval.
Additionally you can use the “Lock” feature with the same password to protect yourself from accidental deletion of critical gear stored in your inventory. Make sure however to remember your password as resetting password is taking a mandatory 7 days period waiting time. You can also store currency in your warehouse which you can unlock and view by approaching an Inventory Attendant, you can use your password to lock your inventory attendant to make sure your currency stays safe.

Step 2: Don't share your account info

Step 3: Don't use duplicate usernames and passwords

Additional advice

We've prepared a list of information and tips that will help you ensure your time within Revelation Online (and gaming online in general) remains safe and secure.

Types of Account Thefts

Phishing Emails

In-game Phishing

Currency Sellers and Leveling Services

Malicious Programs & Add-Ons

Malicious Websites
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