Oceanview House

All parties interested in constructing a private resort and purchasing a personal paradise must first visit Volop Suri, a Volopine, on the ground floor of the Faery Inn if you do not currently own an apartment. If you already have acquired an apartment with our Safe Haven update, speak to Volop Akrab instead and head upstairs to your apartment.


Building one’s own private paradise is neither easy nor cheap. To be eligible for an island estate, you must currently own a medium or large room. Head back to Faery Inn’s lobby and speak to Seni Hornbeam where you will be given a special quest requiring the acquisition of rare materials: Divine Dragon Wood and Divine Stone Crystal.


Divine Dragon Wood is required to construct the Villa. It imparts a subtle fragrance akin to pine. Unlike Black Dragon Wood, Divine Dragon Wood does not require a Foraging level, nor can it be foraged. You'll get it by mail once you have upgraded your apartment to wealth 4 status and it's also required to renovate, expand, remodel, or reshape your villa.


To obtain a Divine Stone Crystal, talk to Advea Esin. Ask for a gift box known as Caz Galen’s Gift. In the box you will find some of this precious crystal. With these supplies, the only thing standing between you and your own private island is the resolve to tackle the rest of the quest. Complete it to earn a very special reward: the Blueprint.


Once in possession of the Divine Stone Crystal, a cord of Dragonwood, and a Blueprint, head over to your medium (or larger) room. Enter it. You will be presented with two icons, each displaying a possible action, one to place down furniture, and another to build. Choose the “Build” icon to get started on the final leg of your journey to a land of rest and relaxation:

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