Fitting Room

Each Oceanview House comes with the option to add a fitting room.


Fitting rooms come in three sizes, with small rooms starting at one million Imperial Notes, and large rooms topping out at 4 million Imperial Notes. There is also a medium fitting room for those with a moderate assortment of costumes.

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Small Fitting Room
Medium Fitting Room
Large Fitting Room

Medium rooms start at just 1.5 million Imperial Notes, and each iteration costs an additional set of Imperial Notes. A small fitting room is priced at 100 added Imperial Notes, medium at 200, and large at 300.


Here, you can create as many models of yourself as you have costumes to dress them. Do you have ten outfits? Then you have room for ten models! One hundred outfits? One hundred models!


You can obtain class-specific model gift boxes from Volop Genen on the ground floor off the inn.


Oceanview houses and their fitting rooms are an extension of character--let them express who you are! If you already own an apartment, you know the comfort and tranquility that accompanies it. We’ve taken that extension of your expression one step further!

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