Nuanor Spook

Are you ready to spread a little fear around Nuanor this Halloween? We’ve got a huge batch of fun in-game events lined up, so prepare to give friends, guild-mates and even total strangers a festive fright in return for seasonal gifts and prizes!


Interested? Then here’s what you can expect to see in-game during the Halloween Party, running from October 27th to November 3rd. Please note that the event will start at 8am PDT for NA servers.

Creepy Scarecrow

  • Event Time: All day
  • Event Requirements: Single-player event – level 20+
  • Event NPC: Scarecrow – found within the three main cities.
  • Event Reward: Event token Pumpkin Coin, Imperial Notes

Scarecrow NPCs have recently taken up residence within all three major cities – do they give you the heebie-jeebies? If so, don’t be alarmed; they are harmless Halloween beings that not only scare off crows, but also share their festive powers with anyone who speaks to them.


So, feel like becoming a scarecrow and giving your friends a good scare? Then speak to one of the scarecrow NPCs to undergo a spooky transformation. Once disguised, give one male and one female character a fright with your new scarecrow ability and return to the NPC for a special reward!

Ghosts on the Prowl

  • Event Time: XX:05-xx:45 of every odd-number hour (e.g. 07:05-07:45, 09:05-09:45 etc.)
  • Event Requirements: Single-player or group event (group recommended) – level 40+
  • Event NPC: This quest is given automatically. Once completed, speak to the scarecrow NPC in any of the three major cities.
  • Event Reward: 1 hour XP bonus + 100 Pumpkin Coins

Rumor has it that Emollion and Amanita Hamlet are overrun with ghosts. Yes, real ghosts, not just Halloween tricksters playing pranks on the locals. Thanks to these constant attacks, both towns are regularly hiring heroes like you to prevent these ill-intentioned spirits from ruining the Halloween celebrations. Will you lend the towns your aid?
There are three types of ghosts to be mindful of – Devil, Zombie and Vengeful Ghosts.


Devil & Zombie Ghosts drop Red Candles, so be sure to collect 16 of these as proof of your valorous deed and take them to a Scarecrow NPC in one of the three major cities. However, avoid the Vengeful Ghost, as slaying it will turn you into a ghost. If this happens, you’ll need to look for the Ghost Hag and request her aid getting back to the land of the living. If you don’t want to endure all the horror by yourself, grab 4 of your friends to complete the task faster.


Halloween Candies

  • Event Time: All day
  • Event Requirements: Single-player event – level 20+
  • Event NPC: None – automatic quest.
  • Event Reward: Ghostly Chamber (permanent), Ghostly Chamber (7 days), Pumpkin Head (accessory), Event token Pumpkin Coin


Got a sweet tooth? If so, you’ll be able to earn Delicious Candies and Strange Candies by completing the “Ghosts on the Prowl” quest. By combining one of each candy together, you’ll create a “Candy Bag” that always contains a special surprise! The candies you receive from completing Ghosts on the Prowl are random and tradeable, so remember that you can always swap with your friends to ensure everyone gets the candies they need.

Once you have amassed some Pumpkin Coins, you’ll be able to trade them for all manner of valuable goodies by visiting the Trader’s Stand.
Now that you know what awaits you in-game, go out there and give your friends a jolly good fright, bust some ghosts, try not to eat too much pie, and have yourselves a fantastic Halloween!

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