Yeti Battle

Head down to Cross-Server Battles and get ready to duke it out as either Fluffy or Peeps in this fun filled battle of wits and candy canes.


First, you will want to go pick up the quest “Yeti Battle - Complete Battlefield”, you can do this by opening up your Road to Greatness and selecting Yeti Battle and pathfinding to Thirta Forno.


Yeti Battle is an event which is available between May 21, 10:00 a.m. server time and May 27, 23:59 p.m. server time. Sign-up is available from noon until midnight, daily. Everyone who is level 20 or higher can travel over to Thirta Forno, pick up the quest and join in the battle! Completing the quest will earn you Funland Gold that can be exchanged for a wealth of prizes.
Use your skills to slay enemy players and earn two points for your side per enemy slain! The first side to earn 50 points becomes the victor. Additionally, there is a gold coin which appears in the middle of the map, throw your candy stick to grab the gold from the river to boost your fealty and with this fealty you can buy attribute boosts to increase your Yeti’s power.


There are 3 kinds of Attribute Boosts:

  • Amulet of Good Health which will boost your maximum health by 10%
  • Amulet of Defense which will boost your defense by 10%
  • Amulet of Fury which will boost your attack by 5%

As you play as Peeps or Fluffy, you have access to 3 different attacks. Those attacks include:

  • Quick Grab - Swing your Candy Cane and drag the targeted user to your side of the river. You can use this attack to save your teammates who have also been dragged to the other side.
  • Great Haste - Will increase your movement speed by 30% so you can avoid being grabbed and pulled to the other side of the map when your opponents use Quick Grab.
  • Sweet Cudgel - Swing your Candy Cane when your target is in close proximity to deal some damage towards them.

There are lots of items to purchase with the Funland Gold!


There are also achievements to obtain in Yeti Battle, you can find these achievements by opening up the Achievement Menu by selecting Y on your keyboard then choosing “Battle” and then “Yeti Battle”. There are 9 achievements overall and by gaining them all, you will obtain a Go with the Flow title. Do you think you have what it takes to get them all?

Name Description
5 Heads, not Hearts | Complete all Yeti Battle Achievements Reward: Go with the Flow Title
5 Sickle in Hand | Win 1 Yeti Battle
5 Hook Me Up | Achieve 10 victories in Yeti Battle
5 Lollipop Extraordinaire | Achieve 50 victories in Yeti Battle
5 Greenhorn Reporting to Duty | Participate in one Yeti Battle
5 Persistent Warrior | Participate in 10 Yeti Battles
5 Refuse to Give Up | Participate in 20 Yeti Battles
5 Bait Veteran | Participate in 50 Yeti Battles
5 Bait Divine | Participate in 100 Yeti Battles

So, if you could use some cuteness and achievement hunting to brighten up your day, the Yeti Battle is for you!

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