Christmas 2018 (Gift Rumble)

It wouldn’t be much of a festive season if there wasn’t someone out there hoping to ruin it for everyone else. This year it’s the turn of the Gremlins to take up the bad guy mantle, by stealing gifts for their nefarious gods. Meanwhile the Bears are trying to stop them and ensure the festivities pass off as merrily as possible for everyone.
While you don’t get to pick a side, you do get a chance to affect the outcome, simply by joining the Gift Rumble. Running from December 24, 2018 (after the maintenance) until January 6, 2019 (23:59 CET/02:59pm PST), all you have to do is press ‘H’, select the Battlefield PvP tab and then click on Gift Rumble to help your team out as best you can.


As a Gremlin you have to get as many presents as possible to one of the drop-off points, while as a virtuous Bear you’ll want to take out the Gremlins before they can whisk the ill-gotten gifts away. The more presents a Gremlin steals, the more points they earn. Meanwhile, Bears can maximize points by taking out the most troublesome Gremlins.
Good luck, and may the best team win. (Go Bears!)

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