Christmas 2017

All the Christmas presents in Nuanor have been stolen by a band of tricksters! To get the gifts back, find these ne’er-do-wells and defeat them.
Twenty seconds after your first strike, these craven adversaries will scuttle away, with both your dignity and the stolen gifts intact! The tricksters appear on the hour, every hour.


If giving gift-stealing tricksters their own red noses Christmas isn’t your thing, there’s plenty more to do elsewhere. Christmas elves will be dropping snowflakes. This, of course, is a safety hazard, so be a good citizen and collect as many as you can.

Marie Pure, a Christmas envoy, has come out of her humble abode this holiday season to collect snowflakes, too. Of course, she cannot be everywhere at once, and since no two snowflakes are alike, she will not be satisfied with an incomplete collection. It would be her privilege to exchange any number of wonderful items for your yuletide ice crystals.


Say, is that Mr. Egg being dragged into an ominous cave by Borsus the Ruiner? By the Green Warden’s thumb, it is!
Borsus and his fellow frost bears minions have hacked together their very own daily dungeon. Pay him a visit... and save that egg! Rewards include heaps of Christmas Snowflakes, Bear Tickets, and a chance to get the coveted three-person mount: Big White.


What are you supposed to do with Bear Tickets? Marie Pure has always wanted to see a bear, but since she spends most of the year holed up in her cozy cottage, and only comes out briefly in the winter to collect snowflakes, she’s never had the chance. If you offer to trade 12 of your Bear Tickets, she may just give you a permanent Sleepy Rupert pendant!
Christmas Treasure maps litter the landscape! Get them from NPCs and through various activities. All activities have a chance of yielding treasure maps. Both high- and low-grade maps will be available. Use them to find Christmas treasures!


If you manage to collect all four fragments to the precious map, (each representing a cardinal direction), they can be exchanged for a Holy War Era Christmas Treasure Map! A map that leads to the Holy War Era treasure: A scroll used to locate the fabled One Piece treasure near the Gnarled Copse!

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