Bag of Tricks

We would hope that if we saw someone stealing someone else’s bag, we’d jump to the victim’s aid and retrieve their stuff for them. We wouldn’t expect any kind of reward necessarily, just a heartfelt thanks would suffice, followed by the best of wishes for the day ahead.
But what if the victim went by the name of Prank Master, and the stolen vessel happened to be his most prized trick bag? If you did manage to eventually retrieve the beloved purse of pranks, having wrestled it from the perpetrator, would you politely decline any offer of a reward?


In Revelation Online, rewards are a little bit more difficult to turn down. You can give it a try though. Start by seeking out this Prank Master fellow and investigating why he’s suddenly become the incessant target for petty crime. If you hang about and keep your eyes peeled, you might catch someone in the act of stealing his jolly bag of japes. And if you do manage to nab a ne'er-do-well, who knows what delightfully tricky things you’ll end up with?


July’s Bag of Tricks event is a daily quest chain for level 20 players and above that runs from July 23 and ends on July 29. We have it on good authority that the merman gang that are currently terrorising the Prank Master will be rounded up over the weekend, so if you want to help out, time is fast running out.

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