Tower of Pain - Joust of the Stoic

The Joust of the Stoic, a re-imagined game mode for the Tower of Pain, opens every third Sunday! To enter the raid and initiate the Joust of the Stoic, speak to Gil Foxear.


The event is divided into three minimum level tiers: 59, 69, and 79. Once the race begins, a counter will appear on the right side to record the time taken by the team to complete the stage. The counter also compares those times to other teams that have completed the same stages. Do whatever it takes to complete the stage in the shortest time possible!
All teammates participating in the Spirit Contest get a Moonshade Fragment. Additional bonuses will be sent to individual teams based upon their rankings. The higher a team's overall championship ranking, the greater their rewards!


Top-ranking teams get the following rewards:

  • Crusade Scroll Box
  • Peculiar Treasure
  • Large Tower of Pain Home Pack
  • Medium Tower of Pain Home Pack
  • Small Tower of Pain Home Pack

Small, Medium, and Large Tower of Pain Home Packs offer a chance to obtain rare furniture crafting items. Swan Satin, Snow Gossamer, and Spirit Shaper Heart are three of the many rollable rewards possible in a Tower of Pain Home pack.


Are you brave enough to race through this dark tower's perilous passages?

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