Sulan Commerce Quest

Are you familiar with the Commerce Center? If so, it’s time to check out the Sulan Commerce Quest, a great way to earn Commerce Cash (guild funds), Excelsior, Ascension Stone Fragment and Faction Favor. This not only yields fantastic rewards, it’s also a daily quest.


To get started, reach level 50 and accept the quest by the docks west of Sulan. Once you reach the right spot, you’ll notice a quest-giver standing next to a camel. Simply accept the quest and mount the camel.


Then hop onto your boat, make your way to your destination, and get started on the Commerce Quest.
At your first destination, Sidus Ur, you must ride to the next given destination to turn in your quest and board a new boat with your camel.


This process continues through a few destinations until Fort Whetsone, where you turn in your quest on arrival and return to the same ship you arrived on, heading to Sidus Ur once more to turn in your quest and claim a reward for your travels.


This simple process will net you an armful of valuable currencies. Happy sailing!

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