Shadow Demons

With the land beset by demons that prey on the mind, body and soul of their victims, it should be no surprise that not all adventurers sent to slay them remain entirely free of corruption.


Even you, hero, have a darkness lurking within – but is it truly your own? Could it be some demon taint taking root, waiting to tempt or claim you to the dark side at the first opportunity? Now may be a good time to consider purging yourself of your inner demons for your own peace of mind (and great rewards).

Introducing Shadow Demons – a special event that takes place every 30 minutes, spawning Shadow Demons across all regions of Nuanor. If you choose to seek them out and commune with (or preferably slay) the Shadow Demons, then do not do so alone. After all, the event is for level 45+ and requires a party of 3 (max 5).


First come, first served – should you arrive on time, begin by talking to the NPC to start the event. Once activated, parties must stand within the visible circles for a chance to be selected by the Shadow Demon (assuming multiple demon-hunting groups have arrived to take part).

If this is the case, a party will be picked at random when the time comes, activating observer mode for the unselected parties to watch the horror that unfolds whilst awaiting their turn.

If the chosen party fails their trial, a new party will be selected to make an attempt in their stead, with the added advantage of having witnessed everything that befell the other group.


Once your group is selected you'll be spirited away to a separate dimension, only to find yourself face to face with… Yourself! Could this be your inner darkness?

In fact, there are copies of everyone in your entire group and your trial will involve destroying these shadow-copies within a set-time, lest you meet a fate worse than death.

On the other hand, overcoming such an ordeal and purging your inner demons is a self-gratifying and very rewarding process.


Rewards from this event can be collected up to 5 times a day (though you can participate as much as you like), and there's also a ranking system that allows you and your party to push for bigger challenges with better rewards if you meet certain requirements.

Be sure to keep an eye on the respective tab (U key) to check out your recent completions and ranking.

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