Scene Chronicle

Fancy yourself as a Nuanor archivist, hero? Then you’ll enjoy the Scene Chronicle system – designed to help you immerse yourself in the historical lore, settings and background of Revelation Online.


Similar in ways to the Mythos system (a means to look into the history of in-game characters), the Scene Chronicle system can delve into the backgrounds of cities and historical locations. If you have favorite locations in-game, it is the perfect way to scratch the surface and peer a little bit deeper into what makes places tick.


To take a look for yourself, the Scene Chronicle tab can be accessed from the shortcut bar at the bottom of your screen at any time. Once opened, you can select cities on the left side of the interface. Categories are separated into “history lore” and “treasure hunting”, because a good archivist not only knows the historical background of a location, but also where its most valuable artifacts reside.


However, up and coming archivists will need to undergo adventures alongside specific NPCs to first get to grips with the history of certain locations – all of which can also be explained and discovered via checking out cities using the Scene Chronicle tab.


By delving into the Scene Chronicle system, you’ll acquire fame (specific to the location of the scenery you are investigating). Depending on which clues you acquire and complete, an adventure glossary will also be unlocked, providing additional background regarding Revelation Online.


For example, once you receive the adventure glossary, you can right click it to read up on who is currently the top adventurer in terms of archivist l pursuits.


So, fancy going on an information hunting adventure? Then boot up the Scene Chronicle tab and begin your hunt for clues using the information provided, and dive into the storied background of your favorite cities – even acquire fame (and maybe fortune) along the way!

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