Mythos System

Mythos is a system that allows the you to immerse into the backgrounds of various important characters within Revelation Online, containing individual side stories of the NPCs so that you can learn more about them at your leisure.


This includes main characters who have traveled with the player, bosses you’ve encountered, and various phenomenal figures throughout the land.
Note: Not all stories will be available immediately. Mythos will likely see frequent additions over time, including more characters and their stories.


How to check Mythos

Simply access the Mythos panel by pressing SHIFT+L on your keyboard. Once opened you’ll notice four different tabs:

  • Hero
  • Monsters
  • Legends
  • Overview

These will bring up NPC cards and a detailed window displaying clues to unlocking the chosen profile (because sometimes you’ve just got to pry). You’ll be given visual indications when said clues have been discovered via the respective card-tab.
If uncovering lore and exploring character history isn’t enough, unlocking clues will also net you some great rewards, so make sure to get to know your local heroes, villains and townsfolk whenever you can -- you might end up surprised in more ways than one!


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