Fishing: Getting Started

To begin your newfound hobby of fishing, you’ll require a fishing hook, float, hook, and bait. You can acquire most of these by visiting the fishing merchant in Eventide (south of Sulan).


Once you get all the items ready, head on over to a pool of water that contains fish. Beginner fisherman will be able to set fishing into an automatic mode. However, to catch larger fish as an intermediate (or higher) fisherman, manual fishing will be required. Once you locate an appropriate pool of fish, you can click on it to prepare your bait.


Landing the Hook

Automatic fishing will show a floating bar moving back and forth once you have begun. Wherever the bar lands represents your ‘meter’ – The higher the rank of fish, the higher the requirement of said ‘meter’ to effectively catch it.


Should you be unsatisfied with the meter, you can cancel the process by moving your character. The system will only use bait after 5 seconds, giving you plenty of time to reconsider and re-prepare. Once you’ve hooked a fish, you will get a notification telling you to press F. If you do not press F in time, or your fishing stats are too low, the fish will escape!
If you press F in time and have the required fishing stats, you will successfully catch the fish.


Fish Battle

Not all fish are so easily caught – some higher rank fish will enter a life or death struggle with you after being successfully hooked. In this case, you will enter a mini game with said fish. It is up to you to use the A & D keys in an attempt to center your cursor and keep the fish in check long enough to haul it in.


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