Fishing: Angler Cup

Those who are considering a merry jaunt along the coast as a participant of the local fishing tournament should first make sure that their fishing level is of 16+ at the very least, guaranteeing that you can catch all the possible fish during the course of the competition.


Registration Details

You can register by opening the event UI (either U or O button), or by interacting with fishing NPC’s at the main cities of Nuanor (Sulan, Sidus Ur, etc.).

At 20:00, the fishing competition will start at Angler's Atoll – locate the registration NPC to be teleported directly there once you are ready.



During the event, points will be awarded depending on the fish that you’ve caught.

  • Baby Fish: 1 point
  • Little Fish: 4 point
  • Huge Fish: 7 point
  • Mysterious Fish: random effects (20 points, +10 meter range, +100 sensitivity, or +100 occlusion). These fish are extremely rare.

NOTE: Automatic fishing mode will only catch baby fish. The other 3 fish must be caught using the manual option.

Rank and Rewards

The Top 100 participants will receive rewards based on their rank.

In addition, once a player obtains 30 points, they will receive a fishing participation reward that contains: experience, 1 treasure chest, and 3 fishing books – making it a worthwhile venture even if you are not competing for the coveted No.1 spot.


You will also receive additional reward at the following point tiers regardless of overall tournament placement:

  • 30-79 points
  • 80-139 points
  • 140+ points

Regardless of whether you enjoy it as a relaxing and rewarding hobby, or are vying to conquer the fishing tournament and be hailed as the best fisherman of Nuanor, the tournament welcomes you.

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