Adventure League: Recruitment

To join the Adventure League, you must be willing to brave unknown terrors and perform mighty deeds. You must also be at level 50.
Qualified candidates will receive an Urgent Quest (purple) from the Adventure Guild. Seek out the Adventure League Leader, Mazryn the Dauntless, at the Sulan Customs House. Let him know that you are interested in gaining admittance to the League.


If you believe you have what it takes to join the League of Adventurers, but did not receive the quest, open the available quest tab and search for it under the Curiosity tab.


After completing Mazryn’s first trial, you will become a fledgling adventurer! Follow up quests (purple) will be available for you to complete. These are important, as they introduce you to many of the benefits of the Adventure League. Complete tasks from the Adventure League taskboard to earn XP, Imperial Notes, Adventurer Favor, and Bird Tokens!
The adventures offered by the league are related to daily quests; when taken together, they can advance you even further by granting XP and rewards at a faster rate than if either were completed individually.
High-ranking adventurers gain exclusive access to the Adventure League Shop and can buy the exclusive league apparel! The heroes of Ausgyth are beating a path to Mazryn’s post in the Sulan Customs House. Join them!


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