Adventure League

At level 50, you can complete a special quest to join the Adventure League, granting access to the league’s own taskboard.


The taskboard is an auto-updated list of quests, and it refreshes every 30 minutes. When the taskboard refreshes, tasks currently on the board are updated. Adventures that appear on the League taskboard are randomly selected. Choose the task best suited for your adventure and keep track of your progress in the third tab of the questlog.


There are taskboards across Nuanor, each with its own grades of difficulty. The more difficult the task, the higher your level should be to attempt it. Tasks require patience and perseverance, but the rewards associated with these difficulties can be quite satisfying.
Be sure to keep a handful of Bird Tokens, which you must deposit before embarking on a quest. The quest-giver returns them to you when you complete the quest. Completing a quest yields rewards based on its difficulty. Rare quest reward coveted White Dragon Tokens. You can spend White Dragon Tokens at the Adventure League shop to buy exclusive League merchandise!


Each task on the Adventure League Leaderboard has a time limit, so after agreeing to undertake one, make haste!

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