Tree of Wisdom

The Tree of Wisdom backs your items with additional stats, increasing its value and impressiveness. What we wear reflects who we are, and some denizens of Nuanor wear some pretty amazing stuff!
As an added branch of the Refinement system, the Tree of Wisdom adds to your items with further customization. The more refined an item, the more customizations is available to it. The amount of customization an object has is directly proportional to its refinement percentage.


When opening the Equipment Modification page, place the cursor over your items to see the total percentage of refinement available to you. This total percentage of refinement determines the number of souls available to you. To unlock more souls, boost your refinement percentage!


Tree of Wisdom systems are tailored to the strengths of each class, but they operate the same way. To unlock a soul, you must have an unlocked soul next to a locked one. Each soul connects to the souls around it, like links in a long chain. The path you take is completely up to you, and each soul confers a unique quality.


Activating cells requires energy that you can obtain by using Starlight Essences. With each activation, the amount of available Starlight Essence decreases.

To increase your Starlight Essence, and therefore unlock more cells, grab a bottle of Solar Dew. Drinking one unit Solar Dew grants 100 Starlight Essence. You can consume up to 200 units of this mysterious libation per day. Solar Dew can be obtained from class merchants, shadow demons, and imperial quiz events.


The number of cells you can to unlock is dictated by your refinement level. The number of cells you can activate is determined by how much Starlight Essence you have. You can possess up to 20,000 Starlight Essence in a given week.


Each cell confers a positive effect, and each effect can be reset. Resetting an attribute does not require Starlight Essence. Starlight Essence is only required to activate new Soul Cells.

Excellence requires perseverance. Perseverance requires a hearty soul. Where will your soul take you?

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