Equipment Stripping

Ever pour your heart and soul into a particular piece of equipment only to find yourself replacing it with a sturdier piece later on in your adventuring career? Well then, sounds like you could make use of the Equipment Stripping feature – a way to extract Equipment Experience, Dragonspikes and Tier Beads from your outdated gear.


If “out with the old and in with the new” is a relatable philosophy in terms of your choice of gear, then simply open your inventory, hit that Item Stripping icon on the bottom left and away you go!


Experience pulled from your old equipment in this manner will be returned to you in the form of a Condensed Starstone, which itself contains the reclaimed experience for later use.


On that note, one of the more popular means of storing experience for equipment down the road is through scouring dungeon accessories, especially now that the latest update gives you the chance of receiving high-level purple-rank scour dungeon accessories, which can be converted to gold accessories using cheap materials dropped in said scour dungeons.
For example, once you obtain a level 69 scouring accessory, you can equip the item, kill monsters in the scour dungeon to generate experience within it.
Upon reaching the maximum experience for the item, you can then strip it to remove that experience in the form of a Condensed Starstone that you can use yourself, or help others level their new equipment quickly and efficiently.
However, Condensed Starstones are not stackable, so be sure to manage your inventory carefully when adopting such methods.

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