After being bestowed the science of gunpowder, Gunslingers use weapons that target both from close and long range. They also lay sophisticated traps that can disrupt enemy positions.

When black powder rivals black magic

What Gunslingers lack in magical abilities, they trade for cunning science and the mastery of all kind of guns including handguns. The pistols mounted on the Gunslinger's hips often come into play when the Gunslinger choose to prove their skills in deadly standoffs.

Gunslingers challenge both their mind and body using technology and creative thinking. That’s why they don’t frown upon other schools’ mantra and are likely to borrow any knowledge that will come in handy to reach their own goals.

Swift and deadly fire

Using to their advantage their greater mobility and range, Gunslingers usually shy away from crowded battlefields and hunt more in the outskirts. Thanks to the power of gunpowder, Gunslingers can take down enemies over unimaginable distances. Their ingenious traps can cause massive damage wreaking havoc and confusion to large armies or deadly ambushes to isolated groups.

  • Combat Style: Ranged physical combat; hunt down individual targets from afar.
  • Difficulty: Use of trap skills to limit enemy movements. Difficulty is moderate.
  • Class Advantages: Has the longest attack range. Has absolute initiative when fighting off enemies or pursuing them.
  • Class Disadvantages: Gunslingers have few control skills and are less effective in melee combat.
  • Team Position: A veritable mobile armory, a Gunslinger uses long-range attacks to neutralize enemy threats from afar.
  • Total Rating: Solo Duel ★★★★, Team Co-op ★★★★, Leveling Speed ★★★★, Difficulty ★★★


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