Might Score

Might Score is a basic tally system – a counter that increases every time your Combat Power is improved in one way or another. As an overall strength-check, it is used to determine whether a character is strong enough to certain in-game content, typically raids.


There are many ways in which Might Score may be influenced and those who hone it to top-notch levels are eligible for great costume-based rewards. Interested? Well then, let’s see how you can get mightier.

Character Level

Good old fashioned ‘leveling up’, which can be monitored by pressing “C” (Character Window) or by viewing the number near your HP bar (top-left of screen by default).

Gear Score

Improving your equipment also improves Might Score.

Character Path

Your Character Path can be unlocked by performing certain requirements, and its improvement also increases your overall Might Score.


Soul Grid

The better the soul grid, the more might it will give – same also applies to the bonuses.


Skills and Special Skills

Special Skills are one of the best ways to increase Might Score. For each level you gain you will obtain a certain amount of Might. The higher the level of your skill, the more Might you will receive.


NOTE: 3-star skills give more Might than 1-star skills. In addition, Dao Tree also applies – the more Dao you have cultivated, the more might you have.

Skill Cultivation

Directly related to Path – the higher your path is, the more skill cultivation you can learn. Unlocking new skill cultivation with Annex Benediction is another method to improving your overall might.


Passive Skills

Upon reaching a certain quantity of skill cultivation points, you will unlock passive skills which also improve your Might Score.

Character Cultivation

A Guild related system (located under C – Progress). Players can acquire Character Cultivation by upgrading the Cultivation Space (in Guild Base) and unlocking the respective cultivation.
By improving any and all of the above factors, your Might Score will naturally improve, allowing entry into tougher content and raising your eligibility for potential rewards.



The top 10 players of each class will be rewarded with temporary (one-week) costumes for their respective classes every week. You can check the Might ranking at the Ranking Announcer [Sulan Elite Quarters (5537, -1267, 56)].


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