Character Development

Revelation Online offers a vast range of possibilities to make a truly mighty hero! It’s not enough to simply obtain the maximum level and pick up a good set of equipment. This game offers a very deep development system that enables you to optimize character stats in line with the challenges you face.

Today we’re going to focus on the following forms of development:

  • Experience and new levels;
  • Guild Bonuses;
  • Development Options (builds);
  • Talents for each of the skills;
  • Special Skills;
  • Milestones;
  • Soul Grid.

Let's take it one step at a time.



Players can expect a fascinating journey from level one to the maximum level. Complete quests, watch storyline cut scenes, explore dungeons and battle against other players — all of this will gain your hero valuable experience and progression to the next level. Soaking it in at the Hot Springs or training with a mentor are also great ways to rack up experience points.

In Revelation Online, you have total control of the speed of your hero's development. Starting from level 40, your character will not automatically move to the next level. Instead, when your experience is sufficient you can decide for yourself when to move to the next level and when to wait, collecting suitable weapons & equipment or improving battle skills.


Developing your guild base also develops your character. In exchange for special guild resources, you can train your character's special skills and upgrade their stats: defenses, resistances, maximum health, maximum mana, attack power, spell power and healing power.

To this end, the guild leader creates a special building. Apart from upgrading character stats, it also provides access to various other opportunities. For example, it enables you to explore skills that your character can use to move around the world.


Level up to unlock new skills. By investing development points into each of them, you can create unique builds for different situations. The game allows you to save several builds at the same time and switch between them as necessary. For example, you can invest your points in different skills, some more suitable for PvP and others for PvE, then simply save both combinations and use them interchangeably.



All skills have their own development tree — a range of additional modifying talents. These talents can increase inflicted damage, reduce mana consumption, burn or freeze targets, and more, allowing you to create a truly unique build, selecting the most effective combinations. The higher your character's level and the more milestones you unlock — the more talent points become available to you. You can get them by spending experience points and Asterion Taels, earned by completing quests and killing monsters.



Special skills are super abilities unique to each class that become available as a fight progresses.

The more often your character uses their special skills, the more powerful they become. Use these skills at every opportunity and their level and efficiency will grow. You can also spend points earned from guild quests to hone your special skills at the guild base via a special NPC. In this case your special skills level will grow passively, sparring you a few visits to the base.


Each special skill has a development tree. Activate a branch to imbue your skills with special properties. For example, you can modify one of the Spirit Shaper healing skills to also confer an armor boost. To modify special skills, you will need special items from PvP, PvE, or completing dungeons.



All characters have 6 milestones, each of which provides a whole range of bonuses: Stat boosts, aerial skills, an increase in maximum health and attack power, unique class mounts, and much more. There are different requirements for achieving each milestone, but most are linked to character development: Reaching a certain level, using talent points and stats, improving your special skills, and so on. Those who carefully progress through plot quests can obtain a special item that they can use to activate each milestone.



The Soul Grid is a special disc, into the center of which you can insert magic crystals. The better the quality of the disc, the more slots it has. By inserting different combinations of precious stones, you can activate passive bonuses that boost character stats, increase resistances, or bolster your healing capabilities. Change the combination of crystals to achieve different objectives when required.

This is just a brief guide on the opportunities available to heroes in the world of Revelation Online! In a future article we will go into more detail about the different aspects of character development and game mechanics.


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